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Perry Chamber Foundation

The Perry Chamber Foundation is a charitable nonprofit with the Mission to facilitate growth within the Perry Community, by supporting the Perry Chamber of Commerce.

Annual Fundraisers

4th of July Fireworks Drive

As the host of Perry's 4th of July Celebration, the Perry Chamber of Commerce coordinates day-of activities as well as facilitates fundraising efforts for the annual fireworks display.

Annual Fireworks Drive Activities

Big Boom Bracket Battle

The Big Boom Bracket Battle is a bracket-style contest, matching up community members for the sake of fundraising for Perry’s 4th of July fireworks display. After the Elimination Round, donations determine the winners of each matchup within the bracket structure over the course of four weeks. The ultimate winner will be rewarded with bragging rights, a traveling trophy, and a pie in their face at the end of the contest.

The Elimination Round takes place on the Chamber’s Facebook page with a photo album of all nominees posted for the community to ‘vote’ with their ‘likes’ or 'loves' on individual photos. The sixteen individuals with the most votes within the week will become the Sweet-as-Pie 16 and their rankings will determine the set-up of the bracket. The FUNdraising portion of the initiative then takes place with four weeks of ‘head-to-head’ contests. Advancement in the Big Boom Bracket Battle is based on monetary donations from the community, accepted online, by mail, and at various locations in town.

All proceeds support the community's 4th of July fireworks display.

Radio Pie Auction

Radio Pie Auction

The Radio Pie Auction is just as it sounds... an auction of pies, live on the radio! However, with the intention of fundraising for Perry's 4th of July fireworks, "pie" sometimes means cakes, too!

The best bakers in town donate pies of all flavors (sometimes even chicken pot pie!) as well as cakes and cheesecakes, too! Then, anyone can call into the radio station to place a bid during the live auction, aired in real time on KDLS Raccoon Valley Radio!

This "sweeet" FUNdraiser raised more $8,000 in just over 2 hours in 2023, with two dozen "pies" bid at $100 - $2,100!

Grocery Bill Round Up -Chamber

Grocery Round Up

During the week leading up to Memorial Day, shoppers are asked to "round up at the register" at Perry's two largest grocery stores, Hy-vee and Fareway. Every little bit adds up in this friendly competition and fundraiser as shoppers round up their purchases to the nearest dollar or more to support the 4th of July fireworks drive.

Chamber Open Golf Outing

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